Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Am I A Bad Mother?

Do you sometimes wonder if you are a bad mother? Just read on and wonder no more.

Last week, I was running on the treadmill when Shelley woke up. Brady happened to be home for an afternoon break, so he brought her into our bedroom while I finished the last few minutes of my workout. First, she was sitting happily on our couch watching me sweat like a pig, running nowhere. Bored with this, she decided to play with our computer (or should I say on?). Fine, fine -- I just wanted to finish my workout.

Well, next thing I know she's got an OPEN PERMANENT MARKER heading toward our couch. Immediately, I slam the STOP button on the treadmill and hurdle over our bed to reach her. Unfortunately, my shoe gets twisted in our unmade bedspread and I fall directly onto my hurt knee. I wince and cry out in pain. I could hardly move. I try to move my leg manually, but I cringe and cry some more.

In the midst of my agony, I look up and see my sweet Shelley standing near me with tears in her eyes. She's really sad for me -- and probably a little scared, too. So I say, "Shelley, come here." When she hesitates, I say again, "Shelley come here, sweetie." She walks gently toward me and I...

...reach out and take away the open permanent marker! (Of course I gave her a hug next, but does that erase my callous first thought?).

If that weren't enough, I have yet another confession.

My kids have been waking up promptly at 5 am here in Utah (7am Florida time). When I choose to wake up at 5 am, I am almost bearable after an hour. But, when others beat me to the punch -- watch out -- they usually get the punch instead!

So, a few days ago Shelley and her cousin, Fox, were running around the family room while Caroline and I tried to catch a few more winks of sleep (this is perfectly acceptable behavior for exhausted mothers). I look up to see Shelley coming down the last few stairs from the kitchen. The next thing I hear is a small thud -- meaning she probably only fell down the last one or two stairs onto the incredibly plush carpet. And what do I do? I say, "Oh Shelley, you fell down. Come here and let me hold you in bed." And, like the well-trained daughter of a lazy mom, she did.

My gift to you today: the wonderful at least-I-didn't-do-that feeling. Enjoy!


julie said...

bad mother? i'm wondering what you did wrong...seriously!

Erin said...

Hmmm...I completely relate to the staying in bed longer. Is it bad to let Adam get up and watch t.v. so that I can sleep in as late as possible? Logan is my sleeper luckily and sleeps in, pretty much until I go get him (except for lately--he's getting teeth). Billy says he wants to sleep in and says his sleeping in is how late I sleep everyday. Oh well. Gotta hate the time change!

Liza said...

Nokidding I agree with Julie. I am not even going to get started on all the things that I feel guilty about doing or not doing as a mom! I have friend who tells her daughter she will pay for the psychiatric bills when she grows up-- I'm thinking of starting a fund for that -- kind of like other people do for missions.

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

If that's as bad as it gets around your house then you should win the mother of the year award... Did I ever tell you about the time I made my kid haul the trash with a broken hand and then left him home alone with said broken hand for several hours because I thought he was faking to avoid doing his chores? Yup, stellar parenting going on around this house!