Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy Birthday to Ben


For my brother Ben's 23rd birthday yesterday we ordered an 8 X 12 (25 serving) Cold Stone Creamery Limited Edition Dark Peppermint Pleasure Signature Ice Cream Cake. According to the website description, there are "layers of red velvet cake and dark chocolate peppermint ice cream with chocolate shavings, covered in ganache (my favorite), and garnished with candy cane."

The serving suggestion must be very generous because the 12 people living in my parent's house who are old enough to eat solid food have celebrated Ben's birthday twice now and we still have 1/3 of the cake left. This is certainly not because the cake is NOT good...rather quite the opposite. Let's just say that many usually unappealing vegetables have been happily consumed in the past day!

As it turns out, Shelley and Genevieve like the cake and not the ice cream, while I like the ice cream and not the cake. Perfect combination for my taste buds, not my thighs. I've had at least 2 full servings for myself and several more leftovers from Shelley and Genevieve (as well as a constant picking at the chocolate shavings!).

I recommend this cake to anyone who loves minty or chocolate ice cream, red velvet cake, and/or extra thick chocolate ganache. I do not recommend this cake to people who like their thighs the way they are.


Liza said...

I love Red Velvet cake-- was introduced to it in the South when visiting with Ed. Love Chocolate, love Peppermint, love ganache. I will continue to steer clear of Coldstone. I also will NOT mention this to Ed because he would definitely want to get it. It is better to not know what you are missing. That being said check out my blog I am about to write a very fattening addittion.

Erin said...

That cake sounds pretty amazing, I love Cold Stone but also have steer clear. I miss the eggnog and pumpkin pie ice cream from the creamery. That reminds me of when we went to get pumpkin pie shakes when we were both in provo at the Malt Shop. As for the thighs, I don't want mine to get any bigger, but I don't want mine to stay how they are either:)

julie said...

My visiting teacher introduced me to Cold Stone and I then introduced it to my mother-in-law, who wants to go there whenever we're out. Not good. However, I've never tried one of their cakes and the red velvet one sounds decadent and right up my alley. I'll just be imagining what it tastes like, though. I've recommitted myself to losing those stubborn last 30 pounds, especially with Bear Lake looming on the horizon...