Friday, January 4, 2008

The Long Road to Perfection

My purpose is clear. I want to be a better person, someday even perfect. I am FAR from achieving this, with a long and difficult journey ahead of me. Sometimes I fail or fall short. Fortunately, I am surrounded by people who understand my goals and encourage me not to give up, even when I totally suck (as many of you have experienced firsthand).

When I started a weight loss group last year, several people asked me why I was doing it. The truth is, I wasn't overweight and, according to my BMI, was considered healthy. I did it because I knew I could be healthier and look better. The truth is the same today.

Some people have expressed concern about my weight loss goals. Why, I really don't know. It is still in a healthy BMI range -- I am WAY above the Milan fashion show standard of 18.5 (;). So why the fuss?

For those of you who don't know, I have never been one to shoot for the trees. I'd rather shoot for the stars and hit the trees, than shoot for the trees and hit the mud. Just like no one would applaud my moral efforts to be Telestial, I only want the same for my physical goals.

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