Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tommorrow, Tomorrow...

...I Love ya, Tomorrow -- you're only a daaaaaay aaaaaaaawaaaaaaaay!

From the movie Annie, of course!

Tomorrow we're off to Utah for the month! My girls are so excited about the endless Christmas activities my mom has planned that they can hardly sleep! I'd post a picture of them, but Shelley lost my camera a few hours ago while I was trying to pack. When Brady gets back from his Bishopric meeting I'll put him right on it (I am the loser in the family and he is the finder -- that's just how it is).

In other news, I now understand yet another reason why snowbirds (people who live 6 months up north and 6 months in Florida) don't pack their winter jackets and sweaters -- they don't fit!! One coat takes up half the suitcase. It's a good thing my winter wardrobe has dwindled since moving to Florida almost 8 years ago. Still, a girl needs options, so it's a good thing my parents are bringing 2 cars to the airport tomorrow!

So long sunny weather, hello freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezing cold!


Liza said...

ok so you ARE coming-- YAY! Well yes it is cold- no denying it. I however lived in AZ as we know for a long time. I was view pics of a friend there at Halloween all dressed in short sleeves and for a moment missed it. Still I love the cold (for a season-- then welcome warm come summer) it feel right to see the snow out and to walk out and feel a slight chill and get into the car and need the heater. I think it would be harder if I had to brave the harsh elements more, I am rarely forced to go out in the early morning or late night and the daytime really isn't too bad. Sometimes when the sun is out you can get hot in the car! Excited to see you! Oh and when you arne't use to the cold it kind of bites, so I will offer any coats or long clothing we can offer to help, because when I use to visit cold places I couldn't wait to return to the warth again.

No Where to Run ... said...

the WHOLE MONTH! i am soooo jealous! i love utah in the winter! maybe i can talk brandon into a road trip down so we can see you guys. when do you leave utah so i can see if we can work it out>? and by they way, I LOVE YOUR BLOG! you inspire me!!!!