Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I Can Feel It Comin' Back Again...

...Like a roll of thunder, Chasing the wind.

Another oldie, but goodie -- Live, Lightening Crashes. (High school music just totally rocked for me, I guess).

The lyrics were certainly fitting as I exercised this morning (yes, I said morning). I can finally feel my healthy self coming out. You know the feeling: you're running at your normal pace and, suddenly, you feel like doing it a little faster, or a little longer. You're no longer watching the clock to see when it's over, but to see how fast you're going.

Also true is that I sound like thunder and am definitely behind the wind. (I said I ran faster, not FAST).

Still, it's been a long time since I've exercised regularly, but it's been an even longer time since I exercised in the morning. Today I say "morning" very loosely because it was 7:15am, which may be like afternoon to some, but for me it was earlier than normal.

Because my life is so variable, I have to be flexible with my workout time. I've exercised at 10pm, 5am, 10am, and every time in between. However, while I have learned to be flexible, I still haven't learned how to transition from one time to another very well. I usually end up taking significant time off in between, which corresponds with weight gain, which perpetuates the break, which leads to total frustration, which -- eventually -- leads to a new schedule.

This cycle is relatively new to me -- post high school, for sure. And I don't become obese, simply unhappy with my state of being. Where ever this comes from, it's gotta stop. I have three girls. Count them -- one, two, THREE! I want them to grow up with a healthy body image and eating habits. The best way for me to give them this gift is to give it to myself first, right?

So, I'm drawing the line. (If Karl G. Maeser did it, so can I). Baby steps to better eating and exercise.

And, PLEASE, DON'T BE NICE TO ME! (At least online where I can cry in private). I don't need sugar-coated support: Good job for working out one day this week. You're just so busy. You needed that time for other things. Besides, you look just fine to me. INSTEAD, I need your knee in my flat booty saying: Hey! Lazy bum! Remember your priorities, your goals! You make the time to be healthy and everything else will be where it should. And, you may look just fine now, but you could really BE FINE if you reach your goal!

Thank you in advance for your continued support of my crazy ideas.

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No Where to Run ... said...

I LOVE THIS SONG FOR RUNNING! i, too, need someone to tell me what a loser i am for NOT working out YET this week...and only once last week. YES it is christmas but NO, it's not an excuse. i love you for trying...doesn't that say enough? but i do really love you. keep trying! AND THANK YOU FOR THE ADVENT CALENDAR. I LOVE IT SOOO!