Friday, January 18, 2008

Pop On!

I'm not a Fat-Free-Sugar-Free-junkie for more than one reason. First, it's usually more expensive than the real stuff. Second, it's not good for you. Who wants to give their kids something they can't even pronounce, let alone an entire list of non-pronounceable things? If I wouldn't feed it to my toddler, I try not to buy it.

I say try because I have two things I keep for moments of desperation (usually at night) when I feel myself going over the edge of food control: diet soda and Jell-O. I hate that I use these things sometimes, but they sure have saved my butt (literally). I want to stop and I will someday...but probably not today. I don't want that junk clouding my kids' brains when they're trying to learn and grow, and I don't like having special Mommy Food. It's like doing fun things after your kids are in bed -- it's fine when they're younger, but the day they discover you ordering pizza, inviting friends over, and playing games after they're in bed it's all over.

While exploring my new Inspiration blog, I may have stumbled upon a healthy craving fix. It's not calorie-free (although nothing is really without consequences), but it is WAY better than diet soda or Jell-O. It's microwave popcorn!! No, I'm not talking about the stuff that comes chemically processed in a cellophane bag ~ I'm talking whole grain, all-natural, food storage popcorn!

I know there are many healthy ways to pop popcorn. I have a Whirly Pop and my mom had an air popper. But, if you know me, you know that I am an appliance minimalist. If I collected all the gadgets and gizmos As Seen On TV, where would I put the food!

Of course I immediately tried it out worked! Since then I'm popping non-stop ~ really! Someone should probably stop me before my house overflows with popcorn! Can you tell how excited I am? Just look at how many exclamation points I have used in this post. I rarely use them and now they're all over the place!

Now, brace yourself. This is not the most delicious popcorn you have ever tasted (Brady's gooey caramel popcorn is the best, but you'd hate me if I posted that recipe!). BUT, it is healthy (my favorite), fast (the kids' favorite), and cheap (Brady's favorite) -- a real family pleaser!

So, here it is:

Put a few handfuls of popcorn in a brown lunch bag.
Fold it down a few times.
Place in microwave and...POP!

There are a few little things you can do, like season it or whatever. But, I'll let you figure that out as you explore THE BEST SNACK EVER!

Pop on, my friends. Pop on.


julie said...

The last time I lost any significant amount of weight (between pregnancies of Parker & Simon) popcorn was my lifesaver. Trevor was working on losing weight, too, and just about every night after the kids were in bed we'd pop a bowl of popcorn (we used an air popper) and enjoy a healthy, low-cal snack! We experimented with ways to season it, and some were better than others, but it was always satisfying. The brown bag microwave popcorn thing was something my mom used to do when we were growing up--Brady must have mentioned it--and I don't remember it was yummy as you say. Maybe I'll have to try it again...

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

I would never have thought of putting popcorn in a brown bag and microwaving it... Have you found any great ways of seasoning it?

Liza said...

I have an air popper and make diet popcorn for our family in spurts, sometimes a lot and sometimes not at all. I season it in ways that you probably think are bad. I use the pam spray (butter flavor if I have it) and then sprinkle it with this popcorn seasoning call Mr. Kernals and it is cheese flavor and really good. Or sometimes just salt. I haven't had it in a while I don't have much room in my calorie intake for snacks right now and I am still getting all the kinks worked out in my diet. We also use to make smoothies with it, that usually consited of frozen berries and (you will think this is bad) diet sprite. It was good and the berry and whole grain corn part is healthy.

julie said...

wait, you make smoothies with popcorn? did i miss something?

Liza said...

Julie I am eating some of the delicious popcorn right now. But no- I make the popcorn and along with it we make "sparkle" as Ed named it-- frozen fruit and sprite blended together for a total of very few calories but a lot of antioxidantsr, vitatmins, fiber and other stuff.