Monday, February 25, 2008

Is My Husband Lucky or What?

To me, luck is something you either have or you don't...and I don't. I used to play games and participate in raffles and all that, each time holding on less and less to the idea that I'd win, until finally, I just stopped.

Fortunately, I am married to someone who is lucky. If I'm the girl who never wins, he's the guy who always wins. Saturday was proof.

First, Brady takes the kids to a Convention Center for a Home Show his company is doing. While meandering through the rows and rows of booths, Brady notices one with a sign, "Free vacation." Never one to pass up something free, Brady stops. In order to win the vacation, you have to spin a giant wheel with all kinds of lame prizes in large triangles (like Wheel of Fortune), and the trip in 2 teeny, tiny slivers. What are the odds, right? Well, apparently not high enough because Brady won! It's a 2-night stay in some to-be-determined location, but still ~ it's better than the coupon I would have won for 10% off the As Seen on TV gadget for cleaning silver!

Not long after, Brady's trick-or-treating with the girls (that's what we call it when the girls collect candy from all the booths), when a man stops Brady. He asks Brady if he has kids and hands him this HUGE box of Black & Decker Construction Toys ~ like 100 pieces! The girls freak out 'cause it's like Christmas, but Brady says to wait until they get home to open it (he also told them I'd want to sell it on ebay or save it for someone's birthday ~ which is EXACTLY what I said).

Don't stop reading, yet ~ Brady's day gets even luckier!

We decided to go out for dinner as a family to a Sports Pub we had a coupon for (Brady's adventure). Just our luck, we are seated up front next to a lobster tank (probably in an attempt to keep us quiet). However, this is no ordinary lobster tank! It's like that arcade game where you use a giant claw to grab a stuffed animal and drop it down the chute, only with lobsters. The moment I realized it was a game was also the moment I knew Brady would be playing.

Early in our soon-to-be-eleven-year marriage I may have protested the use of money for such a gamble. But, time and time again I have been humbled at the ridiculous odds he overcomes to win these things. Those rare times he doesn't win, I think maybe he'll learn his lesson, but it's usually then that he wins an even BIGGER prize, and the momentum continues.

Needless to say, a very short while after arriving at the restaurant (we didn't even have our drinks yet), Shelley was petting the lobster that would soon be our appetizer for the evening. When a second lobster "moved into place," we almost had lobster for dessert, too, but I think even Brady was afraid to push his luck that far. Don't feel too bad, though. Something tells me Brady will be no stranger to that Pub (more specifically, the lobster tank).

A few years ago, Brady won one of those GIANT stuffed animals (I think it was a dolphin) from a Sea World arcade by knocking down all the stacked milk jugs with a baseball. After he did it once, he knew he could do it again...and again...and again...and many times as he wanted, in fact. There was a 1-win-per-day maximum, so of course we had to make multiple trips. Once, we even "stopped in" just to win one, like picking up milk at a gas station on the way home from work.

He's also done weird things, like guess the EXACT circumference of my pregnant belly at Fred Meyer to win a Supersaucer for Kelsey. Or, win the BINGO jackpot on our cruise. Or, win almost half the raffle prizes at a golf tournament he didn't even pay to be in.

Or, my favorite, being lucky in love...he married me!

In no way am I a perfect wife ~ or even close (he'll be the first to agree, I am sure). BUT, I have come a long way in the last 11 years. I now wear makeup sometimes (hey, that's better than never), my wardrobe includes more than just baggy overalls (the bank account now suffers for that), I handle raw meat (although it's still a little gross), and I only burn an occasional meal (I can usually scrape off the black stuff before he even notices).

Now that's luck!


julie said...

Trevor remembers when Brady told him about how he was at a dump and found a lawn mower. He saw a loose spark plug, fixed it, and the lawn mower started up like it was brand new. But three times in a day? Ya, Brady's lucky. But you're right, he's luckiest of all to have you!

Hope you enjoy that vacation!

KariAnn said...

We still have that lawn mower! Great memory, Trevor!

Alisa said...

That is SERIOUSLY crazy. Its obviously not something in our genes (I wish). thanks for sharing- its a fun story

anna said...

he really IS lucky! and it sounds like he knows it.