Sunday, February 17, 2008

We Did It!

Our FIRST 5k ~ together!

Come to think of it, this was the first time in our 26 years of sisterhood we even ran together (except when we were kids and I chased her out of our room)!

Although she and I have run several 5k's individually, this was the first time we came together for one ~ and I'm sure it won't be the last (you know it's true, Caroline!). She claims she's "not a runner", but she totally rocked the run ~ especially considering she's been doing mostly elliptical workouts, with a once-a-week run on my treadmill. Oh, and she had a baby almost 10 months ago and another one 16 months before that and got married 11 months before that and moved to Florida 2 months before that. Needless to say, she's been busy!

It's true I love running, but running with someone is all the more sweet ~ and sharing that with my sister was like the cherry on top! She's my best friend...I mean, she's gotta be. Who else could know me so well and still talk to me (or at least she pretends to listen anyway).

Having said that, she's in BIG Trouble ~ with a capital T! After all the yelling and motivating and butt-lectures I gave her while running ~ she's hardly sore!! "No, I can't go faster. This IS fast for me." Yeah, yeah. You got off easy THIS time, but next time if you're not sore I'm gonna kick your booty so hard it will be!

Speaking of next time...I found a race on March 22nd that WE'RE gonna do (I'm the big sister, I say what we do). She's gonna get a PR...

...and so am I. That's right, me too. I can't talk the talk, unless I walk the walk, right (or should I say run?)?

A couple of times during my Motivational Mumbles I found myself choking back tears. She set a goal, she worked at it, and she blew her training speed out of the water! I've never really pushed myself like that, but seeing Caroline yesterday inspired me. She stepped out of her comfort zone to reach for something she wanted. I want to do that, too...

...and I'm not waiting to start tomorrow.


No Where to Run ... said...

running with your sister is sooo fun! and btw you look awesome, miss skinny pants.

KariAnn said...

You can't even see my pants! Little do you know I hit the "SkinnyMe" button on PhotoShop before I posted the pic...hehe!