Friday, December 7, 2007

Junk in the...

...inflated side air bags??

I certainly have junk, but it's definitely not in the trunk! The only time I had booty was when I was doing step aerobics a few years ago at the YMCA and the only reason I know this is because Brady told me. (With a lifetime of flat booty, there really was no reason to look back there). It made me feel really good that he noticed something I hadn't already pointed out to him. This is just one reason I love my husband.

My junk is definitely in my thighs. This is why looking in a full-length mirror is so essential for me. At this weight, I pretty much look big all over, but my thighs are my biggest problem area. I've got tree trunk legs and an excess of arm fat, but when I want to see results I look to my thighs.

This is why I have decided to chronicle this experience with full-body pics, thighs and all (starting next year, of course). This may sound a bit crazy, but I don't want to reach my goal and wonder what the difference is -- I want to see it!

Which brings me to the secret junk stash in my head. This is the junk that is so devastating to me. As a perfectionist, I can be so critical of myself. Rarely does someone point out a flaw in myself that I haven't already battled.

So, to start the new year (it is almost 2008, you know) I'm gonna de-junk -- my thighs and my head. Although I am 30 as of one week ago, I think my body still has it in her to be healthy. I am confident that with a good diet and exercise I will be at my goal sometime in April. After that, it's maintenance, baby. (Did I just say maintenance and then BABY? Hmmmmm...).

As for my inner junk, I hope that gets thrown out the window on the highway driving really fast, never to be seen again. In fact, I think I see something in my rear view mirror right now.

How about you? Got junk??


No Where to Run ... said...

oh yeah, i got junk! but i much prefer READING about your junk than talking about mine. it's the junk in all of us that keeps us from our "ultimate best SELF" and presents the problem in becoming the ultimate. my junk keeps me from sanity AS WELL as my inner-skinny girl. ugh. somehow this blogging thing helps, though.

KariAnn said...

It seems we're running the same race. My blog is like a shot of GU, so gulp it down.

Sarah said...

Funny, I do the same thing. Granted I've got more junk in the trunk then I'd like to, but the first place I look when there's a mirror in front of me is my thighs. I look at nothing else. I dont even know what the rest of my body looks like. And I assume everyone else does the same....I just pray it goes away, or firms up or something :)