Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Human World's a mess! (Sebastian from The Little Mermaid)

Apparently, I am being welcomed into a new world I've never known. My sister-in-laws were surprised this week to see me in the Human World as I gained weight on the scale and struggled to re-gain control of my eating. What they don't know is I've been here all along, struggling with the rest of you.

Isn't it funny how we create these worlds for other people that seem to have everything, especially the things we don't?

I'm not overweight so surely I don't struggle with my weight, my body image, self-esteem, cravings, moodiness, impatience, and every other sign of The Fall. No, I float over that on my own little cloud.

One advantage to living far, far away from all your family is that you're like the Heirloom Fine China that gets taken out once a year (or less) ~ everyone talks about how lovely it is and feels special when they get to see it (okay, that may be an overstatement, but you get the point). When really, it's just another dish, with scratches and dents like the ones you use every day. People don't always recognize that, though, because they see them so little.

That's what I LOVE about this blog and My Food Journal. It will surely put to rest all the misconceptions about my life that are fabricated from being seen so rarely (this would also happen if more reunions were held in Florida ~ just a little more expensive :).

So, welcome me all you want. But, I've been here a while ladies ~ and I'm probably not going anywhere soon.


julie said...

It's a nice theory, but I'm not sure it holds water. For my part, I think you're superhuman because you managed to lose 7 pounds in 2 weeks while eating plenty of healthful, creative food. And anyone who has kids nibbles. You'd be even more superhuman if you didn't do that!

Notice I don't post a food diary. You'd probably be aghast at what I eat.

Liza said...

Amen Julie, I couldn't have said it better myself.

Too I was getting really nervous and sad that the contest was going to be over and I was going to still have so far to get to my goal.

Also, me knowing that Kariann won the last competition has caused me some fear and concern. I know she is competitive and she takes her weight loss seriouly.

By the way I don't see Julie or Erin too much either so they are fine china to me as well.

Julie I would love to see a food journal for you. I figured I would be the only one with chocolate on it, a chicken nugget (I know gross) a hamburger, french fries, bits of cookie, candy, cheese, chips etc on mine. I eat all those things, but USUALLY it is just a few calories worth. Julie if you are turning down chocolate strawberries, you can't be doing too bad. I mean c'mon those are actually somewhat healthy in my book- I want one now. Maybe a valentines day treat. I have a feeling that Valentine's Day is going to be a bad one for me, and excuse to eat CRAP!