Thursday, January 24, 2008

Food Journal: Day 3

Toad in the Hole: 300 (so yummy!)
Oatmeal: 50 (I just couldn't resist the leftovers)

Spinach & Cottage Cheese Salad: 310

Sweet Veggies & Roast: 400 (I cleaned my plate AND the kids')

Banana: 20 (nibbles while making frozen slices)
Popcorn: 100
Yogurt: 50 (nibbles of Shelley's new flavor:Cranberry Raspberry...yum)

Apple Pie & Ice Cream: 50 (grocery store taster)
Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie: 100 (gourmet cookie shop taster)
Lunch Box Nibbles: 20 (nibbles while packing lunches)

Today was filled with such yummy food! My nibbling calories sure did add up, but overall not bad. All my main meals were over 300, mostly due to nibbling (notice all my explanations). I'm liking the 5-Meal Plan, though, but I want to keep my total intake closer to 1200 rather than 1500. Tomorrow will be difficult because it's Date Night. I've been trying to convince Brady to see 27 Dresses or Juno instead of going out to eat -- not an easy task. (Although...just between you and me...Brady does enjoy a good Chick Flick every now and then ;)


Liza said...

What are you doing for exercise? I think this calorie intake is very appropriate for someone your height and goal weight- the day before seemed kind of low.

KariAnn said...

For my activity level, age, etc. I should eat 1600-1800 calories per day to maintain 130 pounds. From what I've read on weight loss, I should eat 500 calories less per day than my "maintenance" number, which is 1100-1300 calories.

Two days ago my total was 1120 (with a few unrecorded nibbles), which was right in that range. It was a little low because I missed lunch and I am trying not to overeat at one meal just because I missed another. The goal for me is to get some much needed portion control.

Yesterday, my total was 1400, which is a little high. I'm not freaking out, though, because I'm trying to look at the week's total, instead of the day.

It should also be noted that last night -- after posting my Food Journal -- I got a call to bring a meal to someone today. Typical me, I prepare the night before and I just didn't have the control I wanted (or needed). Although the nibbles were "healthy", I ate about 200 more calories on top of my recorded total for yesterday.

I'm a little bummed, but not giving up. From my journals, I see that nibbling is a BIG problem for me. It's fine when I'm conscious of what I'm eating, but when I'm not I nibble AND overeat. Even today, but that's a story for later...

I'm in the process of figuring this whole thing out. When I get to 130 (:), I'll certainly evaluate my caloric intake, including my current activity level.

Thanks for your concern. How are your calories doing for you?

Liza said...

Ok I'll get off your back and let you live your life :) The reason I was saying that is that I am
5'1" and can't imagine eating less than what you are and you are 5'7". It makes me wonder if I need to eat like 1000 cals! I guess I need to do some recalculations.

KariAnn said...

I don't think height plays too much into the calories. It's more the weight you'd like to maintain. I'm just guessing, though. let me know if you find something different.