Saturday, January 26, 2008

Food Journal: Day 5 & MY NEWEST CHALLENGE

Whole Wheat Apple Crisp: 300 (leftovers were calling me)

Japanese Veggies & Rice: 200 (gotta love leftovers)
W.W. Peanut Butter Sandwich Crusts: 100

Spinach & Cottage Cheese Salad: 200
Carrots: 50
Sweet Potato & Potato Skins: 150 (my favorite parts)

Pistachios: 180
Chopped Dates: 120 (they're sugared and they melt in my mouth!)

Chopped Dates: 50 (I just couldn't resist)

I feel good about today. I really like my 5 meal system. I almost have to force myself to eat sometimes so I don't miss a meal. By habit, I'm a light snacker (as you can tell) and a heavy mealer. With my new plan, I'm eating all day so I don't get sudden overwhelming urges to eat. It's kinda nice, but I know it won't last forever. One day at a time, right?

It's Stake Conference tomorrow and we're having some people over after for lunch. We're providing a turkey (Brady's specialty) and everyone else is bring whatever sounded good to them. I've heard Scalloped Potatoes, Cornbread Casserole, Cinnabon Streusel, and German Chocolate Cake so far. I'm making some hummus and veggies, of course. Compared to the other options, I may be the only one eating the hummus, which doesn't bother me one bit (that just means a few days of tasty lunches for me!).

In more weightier matters (pun intended), I've been weighing myself everyday. Last week, I tried one mid-week hop on the scale to test the waters. It went well, so I decided to give this everyday thing a try (although I did miss a day because I just don't have the habit yet). So far, I like it, but that's probably because it's going down.

On the flip side, I'm feeling quite up. My normal life (without our house on the market or graduate school) has been refreshing. I find myself looking forward to the day, not dreading or worrying about all I have to do. Still, with all this time on my hands, what a great opportunity for...

MY NEWEST CHALLENGE. I was inspired by this post to not only kick start my physical habits, but my spiritual habits as well. In February, the Month of Love, I am going to show my love for the Savior by reading the entire Book of Mormon in my personal scripture study. With 531 pages that's only 19 pages a day! (Thanks to Leap Year, there's even one extra day!).

I don't need to sweet-talk anyone into this one -- we all know the benefits far outweigh the sacrifice. Whadouyasay...any takers for MY NEWEST CHALLENGE?


Liza said...

Thanks for the site to the pancakes I am very excited about going to check it out. I have been looking for more sites with good healthy and low cal recipes. I am hoping to find the whole wheat apple crips one there too, if not I'll be buggin' you for it. I need more healthy treat recipes. I love treats and need to find some decent substitutions. Good job on another well disciplined day.

KariAnn said...

The Whole Wheat Apple Crisp is just the Betty Crocker version with whole wheat. I know it's bad, but I double the topping. Brady likes it that way -- and so do I ;)

Liza said...

I hadn't read this until now, but was really wanting some crisp. I need some good treat recipes that can be healthy. So I made one basically just like you said without knowing that is what you do. I sub'd whole wheat for white flour and borrowed a friends idea of using peaches (one can naturally sweetened) and berries(two cups frozen mix blueberry, blackberry and raspberry). I used half brown sugar and half splenda to lessen the sugar calories. I used the regular amount of healthy type margarine. It was only 130 per servings if you feed 10. It was so good everyone loved it. I did eat a bit of half the fat dryers vanill bean ice cream with it. I got to stop watching food network shows, I really want a puffy taco right now because of the last one I watched. Or a drippy cheesy homemade style burger like I saw on earlier with rustic vinegar hand cut fries. Sometimes I wonder if being fat and eating good food is better- I'm having a weak moment but not giving in. I have had many bad days but am trying to make up for it with some good ones. I am hoping to try to make some low cal brownie bites (in the tiny muffin tins) for when I get a treat/chocolate craving. As for making too many healthy choices that is the story of this diet I am on! I overate on ALL REALLY healthy good food at Sweet Tomatoes the other night!

julie said...

Well, I've been quiet about this one while I contemplated it. I've wanted to kick up my scripture study a notch, and your challenge sounds like a good way to do it! I noticed on the post where you got your inspiration that she listened to a lot of it on her iPod. Maybe that's a good way to go for me, too--not that I have an iPod. That way I could even do it while working out or cleaning the house (I love to multi-task).

Thanks, KariAnn!