Friday, January 25, 2008

Food Journal: Day 4

Maple Syrup Blender Pancakes: 285 (healthy, yummy, AND easy!)

My Best & Easiest Whole Wheat Bread EVER!: 225
Beef, Beans, & Hidden Veggies Chili: 100

Peanut Butter Sandwich Crusts: 200 (blasted nibbles!)

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Shake: 50
Apple: 80
Whole Wheat Apple Crisp: 120

Japanese Steakhouse Date Food: 600-700!!

Uh, as you can see Brady won the Date Activity tonight. I really wasn't hungry (I had already had dessert for heaven's sake), but I thought I'd take one for the team this week, since I made him go through the drive-thru last weekend (thanks, Brady).

To my credit, I made the best of the situation without being freakish. As a cook, it hurts my feelings when people don't at least try the food I make. So, when the chef prepares my meal directly in front of me while making flaming onion volcanoes and pulling chickens out of his hat, I thought I'd at least take a sample.

Overall, today was fine -- not bad, but not great. I also survived making my Best Whole Wheat Bread batch today with only a few scrapes. For this, I credit you -- my fellow Blog Buds. Even if no one makes a comment, or even reads my entries, I know it's out there in the wide open internet world. Thanks for keeping me out of trouble today.

Tomorrow -- same time, same place...I'll be here.


julie said...

Everything sounds yummy! When you mentioned blender pancakes on my breakfast blog the other day (is that where it was?) you reminded me that I'd been meaning to try that recipe. So I made them a couple of days ago and 3/4 of my children liked them. I'll try again.

KariAnn said...

3 out of 4 is awesome!

Liza said...

Where is the recipe for these blender pancakes?-- I'll check further down on your blog. This is still a low calorie day just a little higher than your others. I have not been hungry when going to bed for probably the last 4 nights! In my head I conversed to myself this morning about how I have to do better about smaller meals at night. I am usually quite hungry and think what I am eating is resonable, but I definitely need to eat less-- I am not losing weight like I had expected. So if you had a little higher night, helps me to feel a little less guilty. I made a smokey tomato soup last night (rachael ray recipe but I made it lower fat) and then we dipped in grilled cheese sandwiches. I was suppose to eat a half a sandwich or less and I ate 3/4 of a sandwich. We then sang happy birthday to Alex and ate his cake. His b-day was the day before but he wanted to save the cake for the next day. He said he felt sick because he ate to much at dinner. Ed and I wish we had his problem, it seems if he eats more than 150 cal's then he gets sick :). So I ate a peice of cake that was about 1/8" thick with ice cream not much larger than a cold stone sample. Whoo hoo!!! Oh well I didn't miss it, I wasn't hungry for it at all and it wasn't that good. Not a big fan of funfetti cake. The homemade ice cream well thats another story.

KariAnn said...

Blender Pancakes:

The recipe's in there, you just gotta scroll down -- but not too fast because the other ones are good, too!

Way to go on the Birthday Cake Control -- that's impressive!