Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I Am Soooo White!

In case you haven't figured this out yet, I kinda like to do things myself -- take care of my kids, make dinners, etc. For this reason, I am very guarded about who watches my children. When Brady and I go out, I always put my babies to bed first (one nice thing about early bed times) and I only use a very short list of sitters (maybe 2 or 3 in 6 years). My children have virtually never seen the inside of any child care facility. When Kelsey was almost two she went to the gym child care a few times a week, but only because my running partner (and Primary President) worked there. Otherwise, it's Caroline (my sister) or Brady.

So when I decided to try out a Zumba class at the YMCA, I made sure someone I knew would be there to take care of Shelley. My long-time friend, and overall one of the most awesome people that I know, Ofa, just happens to work on Wednesday mornings from 8 -12, during the 8 o'clock Zumba class. Although Shelley cried a bit today while I was away, she made it through without any serious emotional trauma (or at least she didn't tell me about any:) so I decided to give the class a go...


I showed up wearing my usual running gear and felt quickly out of place when the instructor arrived wearing some cute, and very tight, black capris and a floral tank -- along with a rockin' body (which gave immediate encouragement -- no wonder infomercials work). As for my moves, I had no idea what I was doing half the time and the times that I did were worse than the "bad" auditions on So You Think You Can Dance. I tried to do salsa, some meringue, hip-hop, and a few other things I can't pronounce or didn't hear because I was too busy concentrating.

I don't know about any physical fitness from today's attempt at dancing, but shakin' my hips and swinging my booty (in whatever direction) sure did my soul some good.


Liza said...

You go girl! Dancing is really fun exercise I would love a class that helped me combine both. My coordination is bad and I would be a laugh to watch. As for sitters, I am pretty picky too, but you might be more so. I have no problem leaving my kids in any upstanding facility. I leave them at Ikea I leave them with any babysitter that comes recommended and I know and like. The only thing is I really don't get out much so they aren't left too often. I feel much better now that I have older kids that can tell me exactly how things went and also can tell the sitter any useful information. I do have friends who go to a gym and leave their kids daily for the hour or so that they workout, and that does seem often to me. But if my kids like it, like my friends kids do, then I am fine with it. I am glad you have gotten a comfortable situation here though. Ar you pickier when leaving your babies? I certainly am. I don't leave them until they are pretty old and they always have a brother or sister with them.

KariAnn said...

I RARELY leave my babies before they are 1 year old. Well, I should amend that by saying with anyone but Brady or my sister. I left Shelley way more than any of the other kids for sure and she's my clingiest. Go figure.

And my kids don't like being left for the most part.

Erin said...

That sounds like fun! And I am the same with leaving my kids. I have NEVER gotten a paid babysitter. I've only switched with a good friend here or it's Billy. It was nice having a sister in AZ. I don't leave my babies either. I would feel more comfortable when they are older as well. I will say I've contemplated joining a gym but just haven't gotten up the guts partially due to the fact I'd have to drop off my kids there everyday with someone I don't know, not to mention I worry about them picking up tons of germs and getting sick. Maybe that last part is stupid but we've been so sick lately I don't want to deal with it!

Liza said...

Ashlin was 3 years and 4 months by the time Alex was born. We had NO family in AZ. Ed and I had to go out sometimes, so I did get babysitters for just Ashlin on occassion. That always felt weird and I didn't like it but com'on guys, how was I going to get to the temple or celebrate an anniversary or go to a work party anything else? I can't believe Erin has never had a paid babysitter and Adam is 3! Most of my friends leave their kids A LOT more than me, at least 1 sometimes 3 times a week and that is just with a sitter at home and doesn't count the gym daycare. I still maintain a daycare at the gym is fine. The people's backgrounds are checked out, they had to apply for the job and show they were capeable with children. It seems us parents have a harder time leaving the kids than they do being away from us. The one thing keeping me from many outings was Sam's habit of crying when we left. Howevever after we ripped the bandaid off a couple times he was fine. Again being left with brother and sister in his own home is always better. I thought I was bad! You guys have got me beat.

KariAnn said...

I agree with the parents having a harder time than the children (although Shelley is really putting that one to the test).

But don't get me wrong, Brady and I do go out. I like to go out weekly, and at the bare minimum once a month. If nothing else, we at least tried for a weekday lunch or something. There have been rare times where this couldn't happen, but you could definitely tell we needed it.

I consider going out with my husband like Family Home Evening -- it's needed to keep the family healthy. Sometimes we just have to be a little creative to do it!

julie said...

How lucky that a good friend of yours just happens to work in the childcare center at the YMCA! What are the odds of that?

I've never been to a gym since I had kids. Don't know if that's bad or what; it's just the way it is. And as far as babysitters go, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, Alisa. We were in the same situation as you for a long time. Now if we go out for more than an hour or so, we leave Autumn and Grandma in charge in tandem. Grandma is in charge and Autumn is the legs. It works well.

But your Zumba class sounds awesome! What a fun opportunity!