Sunday, January 27, 2008

Gone With The Wind

There must have been a gusty wind today because it seems that all my good intentions were blown away (apparently they were pretty light). Today was my first time as party host since starting my new plan -- and I bombed! As it is, Sundays are especially difficult because church is in the middle of the day and our meal times get all wacked. Still, I really tried to make healthy choices (I didn't even lick the German Chocolate frosting), but the tragedy is I made too many healthy choices, if you know what I mean.

For me, I have even BIGGER problems after the party. Subconsciously, I think parties stress me out -- all the temptations and choices. So it's after the party, when everyone is gone, that I usually give in to the first temptation that comes my way.

Tonight, the temptation was Hot Ham & Cheese Sandwiches. I figured I'd make 4 sandwiches, for "Brady and the girls," and that I'd just scrounge for crusts (my favorite part anyway). Instead, Brady didn't want any and Genevieve wanted Plain Toast With Cinnamon Sugar. So, I let myself "just have a nibble"...and then another...and another...and before I knew it I was telling the girls there were no more -- the reason I made them in the first place!

In my Ideal Weight World, I should have asked who wanted one FIRST and only make that amount. Or, I could have saved the unwanted sandwiches for tomorrow's lunches. Or, I could have made a less tasty snack. Or, I could have just said no to the late evening snack (probably my best option).

Instead of ending my week with a bang, I got a bomb. Now, I'll just have to head back to Tara because...tomorrow is another day (insert theme music from Gone With The Wind and imagine me holding a carrot in a field).

Strawberry Mini Wheats & Milk: 300

Veggies & Hummus: 350

Potluck & Turkey Tasters: 350

More Tasters: 200
Strawberries: 20

Ham & Cheese Bomb: 650

Note: All calculations made today were pulled out of my bum, so read with caution (and maybe a clothespin!).

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julie said...

They say it can be good for your metabolism to raise your calories once in a while so you body doesn't go into starvation mode. You should be fine! Besides, your body isn't on a 24 house clock, and when you average today's calories with the couple of days before, you still have very low calories. Can't wait to hear your weight loss report tomorrow!