Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Food Is NOT My Life

So why was it taking up so much space in My Journal?

I'm still going to be accountable for what I eat and post my recipes, but just not here. Check out my new blog @ kariannsfoodjournal.blogspot.com, or just click here.

Now, on for the best news of all ~ I found a running buddy! I was up early this morning trying to muster the strength to run outside, when what do I hear...the pitter-patter of feet outside our study window (and going at a nice clip, I might add). It was a runner!! I hopped my shoes on and was out the door in 2 seconds flat!

She's someone I've known before (a former Dog Watcher) but she's recently lost 30 pounds by running and eating well. She runs 10-12 miles most days and makes me look much less like an amazon. While she's tiny (she's 5'1" and weighs 103 lbs), she's definitely got some kick ~ and she loves to talk! She runs from 5 -7am every morning and she's practically OCD about running ~ which makes her The Best Running Partner To Have!

I also saw Post-Surgery Girl, Sherry, from last year and had to explain my MIA status. Everyone agreed my life was a bit over the top for a while, but that it was good to have me back.

With My Food Journal in it's own space, it's nice to write about my real life again. It IS good to be back.


julie said...

That's great that you found a running partner! What great motivation. And so nice to hear about post-surgery girl again, too.

I'll be checking out both blogs. Sounds like a great way to separate things. And hey, you know I find you life irresistible! LOL

Liza said...

I've wondered how our ol' pal surgery girl was. Catch up and fill us in, is she still happy with "the surgery?"

Your new running partner is the same height as me and ROUGHLY the same weight-- ha ha ha. She must be so tiny- I don't think that I could weight that even if I could manage to do 1-12 miles a day. Yeah - a little jealosy coming from me right now.

You are awesome to be able to take on and keep up with TWO blogs. I be listening.

Liza said...

i meant 10-12 miles a day