Monday, February 4, 2008

Food Journal: Day 13

WW Cinnamon Sugar Toast: 150
Oatmeal/Cream of Wheat: 100 (for dipping)

Plums: 80
Crouching Chicken Leftovers: 300 (was only supposed to be half)

Super Chili: 160
Spaghetti Squash: 150

Cookie/Icing Tastes: 150 (new recipe ~ I had to;)
Roasted Squash Seeds: 20

Martha Stewart Sugar Cookies: 300
Martha Stewart Royal Icing: 100
Valentine M&M's: 100 (peanut & plain)
Marshmallows: 50

I think my menu speaks for itself ~ it was NOT a good day. I'd like to say it all started with those Banana Muffins yesterday (thanks again, Erin), but I can't. It all started with me.

The good news: I discovered Spaghetti Squash. I have never had it before and I LOVE IT. The best part is everyone else does, too. I served it with Super Chili (fortified with my usuals ~ shredded carrots, spinach, onions, and bell peppers) for an extra yummy meal. Even the seeds tasted good after we roasted them!

So why did I overeat? Well, my day was a little wacky and I didn't get around to lunch until almost 2 and by that time I had to hurry to pick the girls up from school. When we got home (and after we played outside for a while), we cut and baked the Martha Stewart Sugar Cookies (with Whole Wheat, of course) for Family Home Evening tonight. We also waited for Brady to eat, so dinner was later than normal, and the food was just soooo good.

After I licked everyone's plate, it was time for FHE. We read the poem from The Friend, Who I Really Am, and talked about what characteristics we have inherited, how we are unique, and how we can share our uniqueness with others.

The lesson was short then we quickly practiced our Article of Faith Songs because the girls knew what was coming: cookie decorating. We each decorated some cookies with our unique style using mini and regular marshmallows, Valentine Peanut and Plain M&M's, and colored sugar sprinkles. We plan to share them tomorrow with our neighbors and teachers ~ and hopefully they make it out the door because I ate them up tonight, totally blowing any control I had. Blast the baked goods!

I HAVE GOT TO STOP! If I had overeaten some great vegetable that's one thing, but almost half my calories were from cookies! Ugh....ugh...UGH. At least they were whole wheat, right?



Liza said...

I ate a good bit today myself! Breakfast was okay. Then lunch was salad and TWO pieces of thin crust Papa Murphy's hawaiian pizza. Then some candy from Sam, an apple a LOT of cinnamon sugar popcorn (I think I will blog that recipe) and some Panda Express-- that was where I bombed. I was careful to not eat too much of it- I still have a pretty full carton to ruin my diet tomorrow too. I was craving chinese and didn't have time or ingredients to cook it. Plus Ed is a snob about any chinese food made at home, it is never good enough. He likes my other food though. I too discovered sp. squash and my family likes it too. I used it with the chili, but also subbed it for noodles in lasagana-- it tasted amazing but was so healthy and low-cal. 1/2 c of sp squash has only 16 calories!!!

KariAnn said...

My program says that Spaghetti Squash has 23 calories per 1/2 cup (although it only listed it as Boiled and I Baked it). I had 3 cups so it makes a difference (I also round out calories for easier counting, so I used 25 calories per 1/2 cup). The difference is probably fine though because I added about a teaspoon of butter to each half before I cooked it.

Aahhh, calorie counting. It's a strange world.

julie said...

Do you guys find you can cook spaghetti squash soft enough to your satisfaction? I've always roasted (baked) it--I hadn't thought about boiling it--and it never seems to soften up enough, especially for Trevor. So we stopped buying it and pretty much stick to butternut or acorn squash. Maybe I just got a few bad (underripe?) ones.

KariAnn said...

I roasted it covered and in a water bath until it was soft enough, which was like 20-30 minutes longer than recommended (60-70 minutes). I read you could boil it, which seems fun, too.

Instead of buttering it, we added garlic and they tasted like garlic noodles ~ one of the girls' favorites.

Brady says you guys grew it in California and that your mom cooked it a lot. Maybe she has some insight.

Erin said...

I LOVE spaghetti squash, but didn't love it so much growing up. I poke some holes in mine and then put it in the microwave 12 or so minutes, then I let it cool a little (it continues to cook) and then I cut it in half and scoop it all out. It's a yummy snack w/ a tiny butter and salt and pepper.