Sunday, February 3, 2008

Food Journal: Day 12

Apple: 80
Cheese Fondue Samples: 150

Veggies: 100
Dips: 250(Cheese Fondue, Hummus, Salsa)

WW Banana Muffins: 400 (thanks a lot, Erin)

It was Fast Sunday today, so I really wanted to skip my meals. As you can see, that didn't quite happen because I snacked more and overindulged in the meals I did eat.

For lunch, I made a HUGE platter of veggies (mushrooms, cucumbers, carrot, broccoli, and sweet peppers) and WW Bread Cubes that we dipped in Hummus, Cheese Fondue, and Brady's Salsa. It was fun putting together different combinations. My favorites were Sliced Cucumbers with Hummus and Salsa on top and Mushrooms stuffed with Salsa and drizzled with Cheese Fondue. Both have such great presentation they would make EXCELLENT hors d'oeuvres for any occasion. Genevieve made me so many I thought I was going to burst!

Still, the day was not lost. Later in the afternoon, the girls and I enjoyed making and eating Erin's Banana Muffins. We made minis and sprinkled Cinnamon-Sugar on top...mmmmm. Mine were especially sweet because I used 3 bananas and Granny Smith Applesauce. It didn't seem to matter that I used regular milk instead of buttermilk because we each had at least 4 muffins ~ and I had to freeze the rest...IMMEDIATELY!

I think this recipe was Erin's covert attempt to sabotage the Throwdown (and a successful one at that!). In retaliation, I may have to post my Coconut Brunch Bread recipe ~ as soon as I can move my Big Banana Bread Bum!


Erin said...

Oops, sorry! Don't worry, I had a bad eating weekend. Tonight we were invited to some friends and they had pizza, chips and dip, no vegetables so it was BAD! Luckily there was no dessert but I still ate too much.

awcoburn said...

I know how you can sabotage my progress. Don't just post the recipes, send the actual products to me.

Liza said...

You had me at cheese fondue!

I guess I am going to have to make those banana bread muffins. I mean hey they are pretty healthy all in all as long as you stick with one or two. Sounds like a yummy addition to breafast.

julie said...

Your HUGE platter of veggies and dip sounds delicious. I love that kind of food.

Hey, you didn't even eat 1000 calories today! What do you mean you overindulged?

KariAnn said...

It was Fast Sunday so I was supposed to skip at least 2-3 meals! Well, I skipped them and then "made up" for them later. Next time...

And Adam, I know how you can sample my food ~ come to Florida (you owe me a visit, remember?)!