Monday, February 4, 2008

Throwdown STATS: Week 2

Current Weight: 142.8
Current BMI: 22.2

Throwdown Goal Loss (7%): 10.5
Throwdown Goal Weight: 139.3
Throwdown BMI: 21.7

Throwdown Pounds to Go: 3.5

Another week, another miracle!

Weighing more regularly (I can't quite remember every day yet), I see the little fluctuations and don't freak out as much. I no longer weigh myself after I run because I want to accept my true weight, and not just water loss. I'm really trying to overcome my scale phobia.

I've also had some great workouts this week. Thanks to Julie, I was inspired to rev up my pace on Saturday. I tend to coast through my workouts, so it was kinda fun to feel my heart beating a little faster. Zumba was fun, too, with my new sexy duds (which I still haven't returned to my sister).

My food was fun, too. Again, I let myself have the things I wanted, with moderation (except those blasted WW Banana Muffins) and tried to make healthy choices. I like 250 calories per meal because I can be more flexible. If I make good choices, it's also enough to satisfy me.

This week, I'd like to:

1 ~ Continue to avoid nibbling. I did better this week, but it will be a weakness to monitor for a long time to come.

2 ~ Keep the exercise momentum. I'd like to keep challenging myself a couple times a week, instead of coasting through all my workouts. It's more fun, and good for me, too.

3 ~ Be more accurate in my calorie counting. I've started to guess a little too much and not as much true counting (especially when I'm nibbling or picking off someone else's plate). While I do make educated guesses, I'm occasionally surprised when I actually calculate it.

Overall, good week. I was pleasantly surprised by the loss, but I know it won't last forever, so I'll take it!


julie said...

you are so modest, KariAnn. i should have known better than to enter into this dang throwdown with the likes of you!

congrats on the amazing loss!

Liza said...

At this rate the competition will be over by next week (I do know there is the maintenance period) still that doesn't give me much hope. I am still like 5 pounds away. My only hope is that your period comes! :) You see I get that thing every month and the week before hand I get super hungry. Then all the fun arrives along with bloating and weight gain (which should be temporary). Now that alone could ruin my maintenance period. No pun intended

Liza said...

Ok I can't leave that last comment and not issue a congratulations- because you are awesome. I do not have the same amazing, drive, energy, control and workout ethic you do.

Erin said...

Well you are doing great! I was up this morning, not good. I didn't do so well yesterday at a Superbowl party! Billy had to tell me to stop eating chips and dip! Not much will power for me yesterday. I think my period is starting anyday. I'm hoping to get back down in the next couple days, but by then you'll have lost it all!