Sunday, February 3, 2008

What I Think About

I was completely inspired by Becky's post about what she thinks about BEFORE she indulges. So, here are the places I try to go when I need help stopping...

...tomorrow's run. Eating junk before a run does NOT feel good. It makes me feel sluggish, no matter what I weigh. When I fuel up well, I run well. I love the feeling of my body when it does exactly what I tell it to, which means very little involuntary jiggle (in case it's been a while, I use my very vivid imagination). girls.

Like most teenagers, I had acne. It wasn't the worst I've ever seen, but I struggled with it well into adulthood. So, when Kelsey was blessed as a baby, I asked Brady to mention her skin. We settled for blessing her organs (after all, your skin is an organ). I think Brady was hoping that would make her tall, too. We want to give our girls everything we had ~ and everything we didn't.

With food it's the same. I used to tell the girls "just one" and then overindulge myself. I've learned that Mommy-Sizing and Special Mommy Food can only last so long. If I want them to grow up making healthy decisions, respecting their bodies, then I better do more than tell them ~ I need to show them.

...being touched. There's a sense of pride when I'm tickled or someone brushes against me ~ and it doesn't jiggle.

Even more, it's when Brady touches me...and his hand curves in only the right places.

I have a sign on my refrigerator that reads: The chief cause of failure and unhappiness in this life is trading that which we want the very most in life for that which we want at the moment.

So, when I take the time to think before I eat, I usually ask myself, Is this what I really want?

Some days it works, some days it doesn't ~ but I always know it's there.


Liza said...

I saw that post and left a comment basically saying that less motivated times I think of flavor and eat it even if the calories freak me out. When motivated I think of how I won't see results.

I laughed out loud at how you settled on blessing her organs and I was the only one in the room. Thats actually a good thing probably. Still it is cute and her skin is gorgeous as I am sure her internal organs are.

I realize too that I need to not tell my kids no cookies for breakfast and then sneak one myself when they aren't looking. Double standard! I rationalized that I am an adult and can finally do some of the things I want-- it is only self defeating. Really what is best for them is best for me-- including early bedtimes and less TV.

KariAnn said...

Blessing her organs was actually inspired for her.

I don't know if you remember but Kelsey had VERY loose stool (like water) until she was 3 years old (almost to the day). We traveled far and wide to see doctors, had tests done, changed her diet, and nothing seemed to work.

During it all, I found comfort in that blessing.