Saturday, February 2, 2008

Food Journal: Day 11

Oatmeal: 250

Fruit: 80
Toad in the Hole: 200
Other Brunch Nibbles: 70

Black Bean and Salsa Salad: 220 (Brady's homemade)
Potato Skins: 30

Roller Rink Candy: 50 (Birthday Party fun)
Ice Cream: 20

Auntie Anne's Pretzel: 250 (Free Pretzel Day!)

I did it...well, almost. While I didn't stay within my calorie budget during the Primary Brunch, I didn't entirely give up. I was up early preparing (with Shelley), so I sipped an entire bowl of oatmeal BEFORE the brunch. I don't know if this helped or not, but I would have been really hungry had I not eaten.

Remember, if I skip a meal it's gone ~ I don't make it up later. While this works out well most days, some days it's really a challenge to eat. That sounds funny coming from me, but there are times that I'm quite busy and would much rather work than eat. The problems come when I'm ravenous later in the day (or even the next day) and eat all the saved up calories at once, which completely destroys my normal portion index.

I did, however, show incredible restraint at Auntie Anne's Pretzels today. It was Free Pretzel Day and, being the cheap folk we are, we HAD to go. Why, you ask? BECAUSE THEY WERE FREE! Passing up on free stuff takes a level of skill and self-control I have yet to master (someday, baby). I still cringe a bit when I throw away "perfectly good food" or pass by a "taster" at Costco or Sam's.

I stand firmly by the belief that nothing, I repeat, NOTHING IN LIFE IS FREE. Whoever said The Best Things In Life Are Free must have had a really long nose because it's a lie. Newton's Third Law of Motion clearly states that For Every Action, There Is An Equal And Opposite Reaction. For every free taster I enjoy happily in my mouth, I get an equal, yet opposite, unhappy reaction on my hips.

Still, some consequences are worth it. Like Free Cone Day at Ben and Jerry's. This day is like heaven. My first year, I was 9 months pregnant with Genevieve and I went twice (once with Kelsey and once with Brady) and only had like 5 cones. Now, we meet there multiple times during the day, stay for at least an hour, and go round-and-round trying all the new flavors, our favorites, and then some. I think I hold the record at our local shop ~ 14...18...22...I lose track (I'll have to actually count this year). Maybe I should start a Ben & Jerry's Calorie Savings Program. If I save 100 calories a day for the next 2 1/2 months, I may have enough for 14 cones (better make that 200 calories, just in case).

So, while today was not an absolute success (is there even such a thing?), it was a fine day. I indulged a little when I wanted, but didn't overindulge. Once again, thanks peeps.


julie said...

That I know of, we have nothing like free pretzel or free ice cream day here. (Of course, we don't have a Ben & Jerry's or Auntie Anne's either.) Sounds like our kind of fun, too!

I accompanied Trevor to a "Fight Night" at a friend's house tonight and avoided eating--it was hard to pass up chocolate covered strawberries, too! That was a triumph for me. But I'm already losing this throwdown and don't know if I'll catch up. Alas, perhaps my water retention will go away by Monday and I can actually claim a loss. We'll see!

awcoburn said...

Oh how the mighty have fallen (Yes, I'm the mighty!).
Progress as of Feb 2, 2008
Starting: 230
Current: 222
Goal: 200 by March 28
So no progress at all this week. I'm not surprised though since I had a couple of days of truly pigging out. It's a habit when I'm studying after work.

KariAnn said...

Oh, Julie and Ads...all is not lost. Water retention and pigging out are two things I know a lot about. From one who knows, they too shall pass. Just keep doing what you know is good and you'll both get there.

And to the once-mighty: WATCH OUT, I'm attempting a hostile takeover!!

Liza said...

You had better believe that if we had free food I would be there ESPECIALLY Ben and Jerry's or Aunti Anne's-- I am so tempted by both those things if I ever pass by them.