Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Food Journal: Day 7

Oatmeal: 250 (I like to sip it when it's hot after long runs)

Hot Ham & Green Lavash: 245

Green Fries: 250 (all I really wanted)
Salisbury Steak & Potato Pickins: 150 (BLAST the nibbles!)

Dates: 130
Popcorn: 125

Norman Love Chocolate: 50 (Banana Peanut Butter & Pink Lemonade)
Norman Love Cheesecake Pound Cake Nibble: 75

It was a delicious and healthy eating day today with almost no nibbling. I think I found the plan that will keep me healthy AND happy. I had a great run this morning, ending with 2 miles outside. I was freezing (it was probably 50-60 degrees), but it felt good to pound the pavement. I am always inspired when I run outside, something in the sunlight maybe.

A big THANKS goes out to Caroline for celebrating her 3-Year Wedding Anniversary with us this afternoon. The treats were delicious, but their best treats are their 2 kids ~ Fox (2) and Sienna (9 mos.). Here's to a few more (in the future, of course).

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julie said...

what are green fries?