Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Move Over JT...

...I'M Bringing Sexy Back!

While babysitting for Caroline and Gabriel' s Anniversary last night, I borrowed (is it borrowing if I never give it back?) some more appropriate exercise clothes for my Zumba class today. My sister has been a serious fitness junkie over the years and now I am reaping the benefits.

I wore a black exercise tank with black, boot-cut spandex pants and purple retro Skechers (also hers, but "borrowed" years ago). The tank is a first time-er for me because it has a built-in bra. I've been exercising while pregnant or nursing for so long I had forgotten what they normally look like. My usual TANK bra (I call it that because it has so many clasps and buttons) holds me in so tight, I can barely breathe, let alone make any sudden movements. I took a friend with me to class today, so I felt a little funny shimmying in front of someone I know. BUT, for those of you who know me, you know I'd shake it no matter what.

So, I was feelin' pretty hot after Zumba and came home to do my Pilates DVD (I really can't count shakin' flab as a workout until I get at least half the moves). My Pilates goal is to be able to do an Omelet Flip (don't worry, that's not official Pilates terminology). It's where you lie flat, with arms extended above your head, and, keeping your arms straight and back against the floor, fold yourself completely in half ~ like a perfect Omelet Flip. Go ahead and try it...I'll wait...

Not so easy, huh? Or maybe it is and I'm just especially Powerhouse-challenged. I really don't have THAT much belly flab, and there is something semi-not-soft underneath a layer of squish, but I just can't do the thing. Maybe it's my upperbody/lowerbody ratio. Or, maybe the weight of my hips and thighs are holding me back (or maybe it's my heavy brain ~ yeah, that's it).

Either way, it's gonna be a long time before this Omelet is done.


Erin said...

Hey I tried the "omelet flip" I'm not sure I did it right since I was able to do it, makes me think I did it wrong. And I do have plenty of jiggle on my stomach, you're lucky you don't. What Pilates DVD are you doing? And do you have a YMCA membership? Good luck with the flip!!!

Erin said...

Okay, I'm sure I did it wrong I tried again!!!

KariAnn said...

The Pilates DVD uses a "workout circle." I found it at Sam's (of course) for 10 bucks. I thought it would be a good introduction to pilates.

I like it because it's simple and I (surprisingly) get a workout. I have a hard time believing anything other than running does any good. I'm just now realizing I'm totally wrong!!

Keep flipping!