Thursday, January 31, 2008

Food Journal: Day 9

Oatmeal: 250 (sipping style)

Pretzel Goldfish: 150
Peanut Butter Pond (for the fish!): 80

Mangoes: 250 (new to the dried fruit rotation)
Pistachios: 50

Salisbury Steak: 150
Plums: 80

Crouching Chicken, Hidden Spinach: 400
King-Size Spinach Bed w/Italian Dressing: 70

Thursdays and Sundays are my two most stressful days of the week. Thursday is Grocery Day (2 places) and the girls' activities: Kelsey - Irish dance, Genevieve - gymnastics, Shelley - driving me nuts (although that's really every day). Today, on top of my usual Thursday craziness, I added a dentist appointment ~ with Shelley ~ and 16 x-rays! Oh, and I was up at 5am with Shelley AND I took the girls to school (Brady had jury duty).

By the time we got home, I was exhausted. Although I had prepared dinner yesterday, it still needed to cook for 40 minutes. Shelley's mood was rapidly declining (she wanted to play outside with the girls and our neighbors, but I didn't), so I decided to feed her with the hopes of putting her to bed early. Instead, I fed myself. This was really bad because I had experimented with something new for my real dinner, so I knew I'd eat that, too.

In effect, the latter part of the day was quite a mess. My portion estimates were based on a collection of very faint memories of putting food in my mouth (ugh). The good news is I handled the stress much better than normal. I just couldn't quite hold back from scooping off the kids' plates and picking out of the dish tonight (hard habit to break, especially when the food is good). I thought the title of dinner was funny, but appropriate because of all the hidden nutrition.

Speaking of hidden nutrition, it's no secret I love leafy greens. I make these really big piles of them and put just about anything on top ~ or even eat them plain. I like cottage cheese on top of spinach, with chopped fresh fruit, sometimes nuts, and a sweet dressing. Lasagna, or other casseroles, are especially good, too. It adds a healthy bulk to most meals.

Overall, I survived my stressful Thursday ~ and even squeezed in a little fun. I added a new fruit (mangoes) to my rotation of dried fruit; Shelley and I shared pretzel Goldfish and some Peanut Butter with Flax and Oat Bran for lunch; and, thankfully, squeezed in an afternoon run for some much-needed sanity.



Liza said...

Where do you get such scheduled-ness? I schedule what I have to, but my days very rarely turn out how I expect them to and always have to "roll." Having a grocery day and all the scheduled stuff, I have admired in other but never quite been able to attain myself. I am impressed at how you pulled off all of that with such grace.

KariAnn said...

There was no grace left at 7:30 when I asked Brady to put the kids to bed so I could have a moment to myself. ;)

I schedule things but am ALWAYS rolling with it. The schedule is a general guideline most days, but it keeps me on top of things, that's for sure.

Erin said...

I am impressed with the scheduled-ness as well. I have friends who have cleaning days, laundry days, etc. I'm not very scheduled at all, maybe that's my problem;) Good job with it all! I also like spinach to bulk up things. Luckily my husband likes spinach salads, better than lettuce salads. His favorite spinach salad has hard boiled eggs with green onions and craisins or bacon(I haven't been doing bacon, mostly just the craisins) and a sweet dressing. He wanted that for dinner alone last night but I had to make something else b/c I knew the boys wouldn't eat "just" that. Logan not at all and Adam eats the spinach leaves one at a time. He won't eat them if broken, he's silly. Anyway, like the dinner name, cute.