Monday, January 28, 2008

Throwdown STATS: Week 1

Current Weight: 145.8
Current BMI: 22.7

Throwdown Goal Loss (7%): 10.5
Throwdown Goal Weight: 139.3
Throwdown BMI: 21.7

Throwdown Pounds to Go: 6.5

Aaahhh...the First-Week-of-Eating-Healthy-Weight-Loss ~ it was a much needed boost to my efforts.

It may seem like a drastic change since last week, but really it's not. Remember my mid-week hop on the scale a week-and-a-half ago? It was less than 2 pounds from today's weight. That's why after last week's disappointing jump on the scale, I decided I'd better weigh myself every day to better gauge my fluctuations. Believe me, no one was more frustrated by the scale than me last week. Still, a loss is a loss and I'll take it.

My goals this week are to:

1 ~ STOP nibbling (I think I can, I think I can...).

2 ~ Instead of 300 calories per meal, I'll try for 250. I'm just cutting it too close to the appropriate amount (or even above). I need to take a step back from the edge of the cliff before I fall off.

3 ~ Continue with my Exercise Plan. I still look retarded doing my Pilates DVD (a pic is not needed for proof, but may be funny to have -- for later, of course). I'm also gonna try to jazz up my Zumba attire this week to balance out my pasty white self.

And there ya's have it ~ my FOURTH post today...and now I'm going to be with my beloved husband because he called me a skinnie-minnie today. He deserves some extra lovin' for that one!


Liza said...

Your kicking some Parker bootie! I am losing much slower than the rest of you, guess I should try harder. I don't like being hungry, but I don't like being fat either. So-- I guess I'll take the hungry for a while. That is definitely a good thing to hear skinny minnie. I don't look different enough to hear that.

julie said...

Do my eyes deceive me, or did you lose 3 POUNDS last week? I'm afraid I'm in way over my head. There's no way I can make up a 2 pound deficit. We might as well call it right now. Do you want a check or a gift card?

julie said...

Yes, my eyes did deceive me--you lost 4 POUNDS! (I had to go back to your first post to see what your starting weight was.) Is that right? Now I really wonder why I'm doing this...

KariAnn said...

Oh please, ladies. I'm already up a pound from yesterday's freakish weigh-in. You know how the scale rolls (remember I really just started this week).

This week will be the maintenance week. I need to just maintain the loss like Alisa did after her popcorn 3.

Although I am still gonna kick your Parker watch out!