Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hot Ham & Green Lavash

Just so ya's know, I ain't no sissy eater! I just know how to cook in healthy bulk. Lunch today is a great example.

Hot Ham & Green Lavash

1 Joseph's Flax, Oat Bran & Whole Wheat Flour Lavash Bread, halved
3 slices Ham
1/2 Green Pepper, diced
1/2 c. Green Onions
3 c. Spinach
1 1/2 T. Lemon Garlic Splash

Preheat oven to 250. Cover baking sheet with a strip of foil. Place Lavash halves on foil. Put Ham slices on Lavash. Cook Peppers and Onions in skillet over medium heat until crisp tender (add water if needed). Add Spinach and Splash. Cover until wilted (2 min). Place 1/2 on each Lavash. Roll up. Cut each roll in half. Cook on foil-covered baking sheet until heated.

Nutrition Information: (you're gonna die! ~ actually, you're gonna LIVE!)
4 Pieces, 230 calories, 7.2g fat, 11g fiber, 21g protein, 233% VA, 382% VC, 22% calcium, 40% iron.

The Lavash Bread is so good, and good for you. It's a healthy and versatile rectangle. I use it to make wraps and quick, thin crust pizzas mostly, but it could also be used to make some fine chips. The Flax really gives it a health punch. Four come in a pack and they're about $2.

The Splash is made by The Silver Palate. They have a bunch of healthy (non-chemical) dressings that I love. For only 25-30 calories per 2 tablespoons, they're worth an extra buck at the store (this is how I spend Brady's hard-earned money!).

So, before you wonder which health food store I shop at to get all these fine ingredients, I'll tell ya ~ Walmart (yeah, that's right, you've got no excuses now). I keep my shopping simple ~ I shop at Sam's or Costco and Walmart every 7-10 days, with an occasional trip to a "normal" grocery store (like every other month). I try to make only one trip to each to help our budget and my stress (I hate driving around, toting my kids to places they don't want to be or can't have fun).

Ok, so now I'm sounding a bit crazy, but let me assure you I'm quite normal (in my opinion:). Brady wonders sometimes why I don't take advantage of more coupons and advertised sales at various stores. Well, a few reasons. First, the coupons are mostly for junk. How often do you see coupons for $1 off carrots or broccoli? Second, I don't like driving around, wasting gas, going to this store and that because I spent all Sunday searching for deals in the newspaper. Instead, I justify this by regularly shopping at the least-expensive places I know (even though they're NOT my favorite), buying generic, and meal planning.

Meal planning is probably the single most important thing I do to save money. I plan 7 dinners (and sometimes breakfasts or other special occasions). I make a list and stick pretty much to it. I pack my kids' lunches (Kelsey loves, Genevieve deals) and only eat out for lunch when I'm with friends. Besides our Date Night, we don't usually plan to eat out.

While I do prefer to eat my food, I don't always feel like preparing it. I try to battle this by making dinner during the day. I use my Crock Pot for nights I know will be hectic, like when Kelsey and Genevieve have Irish dance and gymnastics. But mostly, I just make ahead, refrigerate, and bake when needed.

All right, all right ~ I DO sound a bit crazy. The bottom line is: Try the Lavash, it's good.


Kathy said...

I have to explain the coupon thing to my husband every once in awhile. The women he works with clip and use them all the time, but they are buying a lot of processed foods at regular supermarkets. I only use one if it is for something I regularly buy anyway.

Erin said...

Hey I bought the lavash a couple weeks ago and it's in my freezer until I used up my wheat tortillas. I used one tonight to make a pizza, but I want to make a wrap with it too...with some of Alisa's hummus. Thanks for the recipe! Oh and I am a walmart shopper as well and would do the others but we don't have memberships. And I go to regular grocery store once a month or two.

Liza said...

I LOVE lavash. There is a Shwarma at a resaurant in AZ that is served in crispy grilled lavash. It was always a favorite of mine. It has chicken and sauteed onions in it with garlicy hummus and tomato in it. Thanks for recipe Kariann- they all look so good. I tried to find the lavash at my walmart, Erin had recently told me about it when we were checking out Flatout wraps (I like those too)she saw the lavash. I checked ALL over at Walmart- the deli by the pita and flatout (where Erin found it) by the bread, by the tortillas, in the bakery. No luck. I saw lavash in AZ. I am going to keep looking. Maybe Harmons.

Liza said...

Oh and when it comes to the coupon thing I am the exact same way. I find I can save more money by not buying those things that I don't use and buying the things I do use at an inexpensive place. Your point about veggies is true - never coupons for those. Walmart will even match ads. So if you know that Albertons has strawberries for cheaper you tell the cashier and you get it for that price rather than driving all over. Walmart really is where I end up shopping all the time. I agree that most coupons are for junk- like the new version of Doritos or something.